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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Cascade Card

Today's card was one that I saw done and thought how cute but probably difficult to do, but I decided to give it a shot.  Turned out to be super easy to make, took me longer to decorate the card and add my patterned paper than it did to make the card. 
What you need for this card is 1 piece of paper cut at 81/2 x 12,   You will then make a mark at 51/2 down to 3 inches.  This will be your cut line you do not have to draw a line just make a few little marks (but if you do pencil your line you will have to go back and erase).  After it is cut you will then score at  the 2, 4, 8 & 10,  make a very fine mark at 6 but not an actual score.  Now you will go back and make a fine pencil mark at 23/4 down to 11/2,  On your score line you will now cut one piece on the bottom at 2 & 10, up to your line, then cut at the fine line at 6 from top down to line should be cut half way on each cut, do the same for the other piece but cut from the top at 2 and 10 and from the bottom at 6.  Fold your card and you will then slide the cut pices into each other.  Use your scorer to press down the folds. Then decorate as you see fit with your cricut cuts, extra 3d stickers you have laying around or just have fun with it. I did mine just alittle different than the lady on this video but this is an excellent video showing you how it will go together.
When I finished with the card I actually let out a squeal cause I couldn't beleive I actually did it and it turned out great on my first try.  Hubby was in the room and was wondering why I was so happy.  Thanks for stopping by today and Happy Halloween. 


  1. Spoookie!! I love all the little halloween critters popping out of the card. Looks super cool!

  2. Now this is cool! Looks very intricate. :) Great job as usual. :)