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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Scraproom Organization

Come on in and take a look around, this is my room and I finally think I have it organized where I might be able to accomplish getting something done in here.  My husband has a bet going as to how long it will stay this way.  As you come in to your left is my paper rack that I got at a store closing sale, one of the best ways for me to store my patterned paper, I do find that I use much more paper this way.
The next part of my room is  my newest storage unit, I have all my embellishments for baby,military, holiday, family, spring, weddings and miscellaneous stored in the photo boxes.  I also have my scraps stored in a container where I have easy access to, my yourstory is on top of the shelves.  While I was putting shoes away I realized this is a perfect storage shelf for these boxes and other things.  I went to Lowes and picked these shelves up for less than $13 each and they stack on top of each other. Walmart also sell them over by there paint and lighting section. The storage to  the right is units from lowes that are discontinued but these hold CTMH stamps and miscellaneous stuff, I have 4 of these and the ones that hold my stamps are on the other side of the room.

The next area is a bookcase that is turned sideways, I use this for my sizzix big shot station, I do my cutting and embossing here, I have a bin that holds my sizzix plates.

The next area used to be a closet that we did away with and this is where I have my jetmax cubes I love these cubes and have so many different things stored there, to the right of the cubes you will see a pink and green container this holds all my embossing folders.

The next is my desk there are so many things that you need when you are working on a project, well while looking at the shoe rack in lowes I saw they had 24 inch one also, I have 2 of these on my table, the first one on the left stores my MM carousel with all my gadgets, glue the 2nd shelf holds my prisma pencils, copics, cricut tools, cats eyes stored in a SU empty case alont with my SU small spot pads, 3 rd shelf holds my SU acrylic blocks, my cleaning pad for stamps and a space for gypsy and a container for projects not quite finished that just need some finishing touches,  My Dh made my atg holder and behind the atg holder is an old tv remote holder that is holding my MM corner punches,  the 2nd shelf holds my E2 on top, cricut mini on 2nd shelf and all my cutters on the bottom.  I can use both machines without having to move anything.

The next area of storage is a cabinet that my daughter got me for christmas it is a wonderful size unit as the drawers are like 14 inches wide by like 3 inches deep, I have it filled with all kinds of odds and ends and my jewelry making supplies.  On top is how I store my carts, this is a sterlite 3 drawer 8 1/2 x 11 unit, I have all my carts in alphabetical order, I have over 225 carts so this works great I even have room to grow, I use my nook and my gypsy to look at my books so I don't need them they are packed away.  To the right is a storage cabinet that has my extra supplies, albums, paint cans, a few of my wooden stamps that have not been unmounted yet and my cinch,  slice and vinyl and stuff that has no home but here.

The next cabinet is one that belong to my husbands uncle I just think that is really a neat piece of furniture It holds my spellbinder dies, some of my iris containers, refill pages. You will also see another table with iris carts underneath, my Su punches are on rails and I have slatwall above for all the odd things that you never know what to do with all this stuff.

This is how I have converted my ribbon, this works really great for going to crops and just saving on space the container is from Michaels used a coupon makes them about $5, The card board I cut down to fit in the container, I have managed to wrap like 4-6 smaller rolls on one piece of cardboard.  I do have some of the ribbon boxes for the rolls, this has been the best solution that I have come up with because when I go to crops I just grab one container and I have so much ribbon with me then that I don't have a problem choosing, I also did the card by like theme, baby, winter, valentines, halloween.  I do still have a few rolls left to do this way but it works great, I also have a ribbon iron if I need to use so far I have not had a problem.

This my door space and my ribbon that I still need to do, this area is a mess still, I used rain gutters for the rolls of ribbon , this too worked great for the larger spools and the ones that have more than 5 yards on the spools.

I forgot to mention that under my table on each side I have the milk crates from Walmart with my solid cardstock in each one, one on the left holds my CS that is 12 x 12 the one on the right holds my 81/2 x 11.  My DH made me the bases with wheels and handles so I could easily pull out and get to all my CS.  That is Trouble trying to stay out of trouble but he is the one that get into trouble in my room.

Here is Rufus chilling he weighs 19 lbs

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my space. Hoping now that it is organized I can get alot more accomplished.


  1. I love how you store your Cricut cartridges!!! I've been working very hard to organize my scrap room (and keep it that way!) this year too! I still have to hang the rails for my SU punches and it will then be complete!!! You can see my scraproom photos at

  2. Love how organized you are. I am going to try the drawers for my carts too. I have 250+ and what I have now is getting too small. Great job!

  3. Nicely organized! I can appreciate all the hard work you have put into organizing everything. Rufus looks comfy too!

  4. Very nice! I tried so hard to be organize. It only works for couple of weeks and then bamm!it's a disaster area again!

  5. Great space. Very nicely organized. I have one of those shelves on my desk also. My Imagine sits on it. My mats are underneath on the shelf and under that is a plastic Iris container with unfinished projects. Thank you for sharing. Cindy

  6. Your scrap room looks amazing! Love the added shelf space and your ribbon organizer.

  7. Beautiful room! Love all your organizing ideas.



  8. Great space thanks for sharing. I love looking at others scrappers rooms because I know I am not alone in this obsession lol

  9. Cute room! REALLY cute kitties!! I love how you just did away with the closet completely. Awesome!