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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose

This project is one that everyone will love if you are doing the stick pins, you need a cute way to show them off.  You can give those cute little pins a nice cushy place to sit while waiting to be used. 

I used  an empty 2 litre coke zero bottle, some fabric, buttons, and small flowers, binding tape, dinner size round plate, saucer, and a round breath mint container.
1. Took coke bottle and cut in half, I then trimmed and rounded the back cut slits in sides and curved them and cut much lower in front. Rounded corners.
2. GLued seam binding tape to edges using the 3 n 1 glue. Fold arms down and glue.
3. Took fabric and dinner plate cut one circle, just traced around the round plate cut fabric, sew all round the edges and pull the 2 strings together add stuffing and finish after gathering. Will form the bottom cushion.
4. Take saucer and form the circle for back of chair, do the same technique for gathering for the back, stuff and finish off.
5. Trace around round breath mint container, gather and form a circle do not stuff.
6.Use piercer to polk 2 holes in side of arms on chair, run thread through from inside of chair and through the little yoyo for side pieces tie tight you will cover the knot. Polk 2 holes in back of chair and do the same for back cushion. 
7. Add embellishments from flowers to buttons, anything you want to decorate your chair with.  Now you have the cute little chair for your pins to sit patiently waiting on you.  Enjoy


  1. This is really cool, I like it a lot!!!!

  2. I LIKE, I LIKE! I need 2 of them...will get with you soon on the colors....GREAT JOB! :)

  3. OK....this has got to be another weekend project! I love, love this darling little chair! What gorgeous fabric you used on both. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. Oh My - these are just ingenious !! Fabulous thanks for sharing.

  5. That is so darling.