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Monday, April 25, 2011

Reused SU Blocks

I saw this done on a yahoo video from Luvleescrappin. She had used a peice of wood and cut down to size. However, I had several Stampin Up Blocks that I had not mounted my stamps on as I've started to unmount all my stamps. I only have a few of the Tim Holtz inks but really like them so I decided to give my SU blocks a new life instead of throwing them away. Luckily I had 8 that were all the same size.
1. First I added some strips of double sided foam tape to the black of the block.
2. I then added the rough loopy side of velcro on top of the foam tape, you can use alittle glue to if you like but I don't use them that much so I will just be careful.
3. Peice of felt cut to size to fit block will attach to velcro.
4. The container is a small DMC thread box that I got along time of go that was sitting in a box, you can use larger ones if you want more blocks.

As the SU blocks have little grooves on the sides so I don't need a handle when I'm using the inks.

I will then label on top which color is on the pad so that when I look in the container I can just grab what I need.


  1. Brilliant Idea!! I have tons of these blocks. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Great idea!! I love your blog.. would welcome you to come become a follower on my blog too please...

  3. This is an idea I can put to use. TFS