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Friday, August 5, 2011

Organizing Ribbon

After having so many cards of ribbon, small spools, loose ribbon, ribbon scattered everywhere and just a huge mess I think I have found a solution to get rid of all the mess everywhere and beleive it or not takes up very little space. I found this ribbon container at Michaels over in their plastic storage section, the container was $10 and used a coupon. Best $5 I think I have spent in along time. A friend gave me a lot of chipboard peices that were like 12 x 14. I took and cut them down to 4 x4 squares. While watching tv or watching shows with DH for the last few days I have been winding ribbon. I can do the cards by season, color, theme, and then when working on a project I will know exactly what I have to use. I do have some on spools that I will not do this too but for all the odd peices and cards and little spools this works great.
All you need is some chipboard cut to 4 x 4 size, scotch tape to secure to chipboard, and I used painters tape to secure the end peice. This is working great so far. Hope you like this.

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